Mechanical or Physical Stress

Examples of mechanical causes include any sudden or violent jarring or jerking from being in a car accident, a severe fall or lifting a heavy load incorrectly.  Even the wrong exercise routine can build up stress in the muscles.

Mental and Emotional Causes

Examples of emotional or mental stress include intense anger, anxiety or shock, fear of the future, financial worries, workplace issues, even difficult family relationships.  These cause a person to take on a defensive posture where they hunch their shoulders and tighten neck muscles, diaphragm or jaw.  A state of ongoing depression will also bring about distortion in body posture.  In addition, the physical discomfort resulting from body stress will reinforce negative emotions leading to a vicious circle.

Chemical Causes

Exposure to harmful chemicals may severely irritate the nervous system causing muscles to tighten. This includes chemicals, which we inhale, such as car fumes or insecticides; substances, which we absorb through the skin, such as cleaning materials and certain cosmetics, as well as anesthesia from operations and prescribed or over the counter drugs. Some people react adversely to certain foods and to preservatives and artificial food colorings or growth hormones. 

Stress Locations

Stress can be trapped in the muscles in a number of areas. 
* Back Stress
* Neck Stress
* Computer Stress.  
* Migraine headaches
* Arms and Legs
* Heartburn
* Vulva Pain

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