The BSR Session:

Body Stress Release (BSR) is designed to restore communication with the nervous system of your body to activate your body’s healing systems so your body returns to and maintains a state of optimum health.

BSR sessions take place at home, with the client fully clothed.
The first consultation takes 45 minutes and involves the me taking your case history, noting any previous accidents, falls, fractures, operations or athletic injuries in addition to any pains, numbness, tingling, cramping or other sensations you are currently experiencing.  BSR Session

You will then receive a brief explanation of how Body Stress Release works, and how this locked-in stress, tension or trauma can be directly related to what you are experiencing in your body.

BSRthumbReleaseThis is immediately followed by your first release session. You will lie face down on a padded BSR table. During the session, the BSR practitioner assesses the direction and location of “locked-in” stress in your body using the biofeedback system of your body. Your body stress patterns are then released through a series of impulses on those precise locations (usually using gentle thumb pressure).

Following your release session, you will receive an explanation of what the BSR practitioner found. Clients often leave their first session feeling lighter and notice reduced pain and immediate relaxation of tight muscles.

BSR Session2

BSR is a process, with each client required to commit to a one-time, three-appointment “activation” at a cost of $70.00 per traditional 30 minute BSR session. The normal scheduling for these sessions are within a 2 week period.  Take advantage of our limited time NEW client special.

During those initial 11 days, your body will undergo a series of changes as it goes through the process of releasing the stressed layers of muscles. Tight, protective muscle layers relax in stages, returning to their normal tone, restoring nervous system communication.

Following the 3rd session you will be advised about follow-up appointments. Most clients choose a monthly BSR “tune-up” to maintain their higher level of health.

If you have deeper layers of “locked-in” stress, more frequent sessions may be required. Your practitioner can “ask” your body to indicate its preference for session frequency.

To schedule a session simply click here.  You can also call me at 303-801-8203 or by email at .