Pain Relief Through BSR of These Musculo-Skeletal and Neurological Health Issues Is Possible!  Miracles happen every day with BSR.

Including but not limited to:

Back Pain / Stiffness                       Neuralgia
Bell’s Palsy                                        Neck PainCalf Cramps / Numbness                Pins and Needles
Dizziness                                           Poor Coordination
Fibromyalgia                                    Poor Posture and its Effects
Frozen Shoulder                              Sciatica
Headaches                                         Scoliosis / Kyphosis
Hip / Knee / Leg / Foot Pain            Slipped Discs
Immune System Weakness            Tennis/Golfers Elbow
Loss of Flexibility                             TMJ and Jaw Pain
Migraines                                           Whiplash

Gastro-Intestinal / Urinary Complaints Include:28357618_xl

Abdominal Pain / Cramps                                  Hot Flashes / Painful Breasts
Constipation                                                          Incontinence
Cystitis                                                                    Indigestion
Diarrhea                                                                 Infertility
Dysmenorrhea                                                      Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Frequent Urination                                              Sexual Dysfunction / Vulvodynia
Heartburn / Indigestion                                      Spastic Colon


Emotional Health Issues Include:              Children’s Health Issues Include:
Anxiety / Stress                                                     Colic in Infants                      Poor Sleep Patterns
Depression                                                             Crying for no Reason
Fatigue / Tiredness                                               Enuresis (Bed Wetting)
Insomnia / Difficulty Sleeping                           Growing Pains
Lack of Energy                                                      Inability to Sit Still
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder                         Restlessness