Guided Healing Sessions are offered either at the conclusion of a standard Body Stress Release session, or as a stand-alone session.
Guided Healing sessions are $150.00 total  for the 60 minute session with both Trent and Reina Snyder.

There are three main components to a session:

  • First you have to be ready to heal.
  • Second is Reina inviting your angels and guides to guide and direct the session.
  • Third is hands-on-healing where your angels and guides come through Reina and Trent’s bodies to perform the healing.

Each session is unique as to what your soul chooses to experience.  It may include, but isn’t limited to the following:

  •        Soul Purpose Template Connection
  •     Soul Body Fusion™
  •        Chakra Clearing
  •      Hot Flash Relief
  •      Hashimoto’s Disease
  •        Past Life Healing and Integration
  •      Releasing Trauma from Suction or Forceps Births
  •        DNA and Endocrine System Activations and Balancing
  •      Releasing of Concussion Trauma Causing Migraines
  •        Nadi (G-Spot) Clearing
  •        Clearing Sexual Energies From Past Relationships
  •        Releasing Energetic Blocks
  •        Soul Shard Integration
  •        Releasing Trauma From Suction or Forcep Births
  •        Healing Energies Directed to Specific Organs
  •        Unity Consciousness Initiation
  •        Etheric Implant Removal
  •        Energetic Chord Clearing
  •        Use of Light Mandala Matrixes to Assist With Healing (With Your Permission)