36398129_xlMigraine headaches are not your normal headache!  With a migraine headache you feel intense throbbing or pulsing in one area of your head.  They are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and you are very sensitive to both light and sound.

Migraine pain can last from hours to days.  Often they are so severe that you find a dark, quiet place to lie down to be alone.

Some migraine sufferers experience warning signs such as a flash of light, a blind spot in their vision, or even tingling sensations in the arms or legs signifying that a migraine is about to begin.

Your physician can prescribe a medication to help reduce the frequency or severity of the migraines you are experiencing.

Body Stress Release practitioners have discovered through decades of successfully assisting migraine sufferers that there is often a physical root creating the migraines.  Tension in the lumbar spine impacts the entire spine and the cranium, via the long muscles extending from the sacrum to the skull.  Simply by releasing this stored tension the root cause of the migraines is no longer present.

Old neck injuries are another physical cause of migraines, especially for those individuals who have experienced whiplash trauma from an accident or neck trauma from falls or other life events.

Sometimes chemical-pattern body stress is the root cause of  migraines and is triggered by eating certain foods, inhaling chemical fumes, or the application of liquids or creams to the body skin.  Pay attention to when and how your migraines begin to see if any of these chemical-patterns may be triggering your migraines.