My Story

Trent Portrait Lighter 6 inch 300 pxlI spent over 30 years in a family-owned personal service business in Ohio until moving to Colorado in 2006 where I resided until moving to West Palm Beach in 2017.

In 1998, after going through a divorce, my journey of self-healing began.

When embarking a healing journey, one has to be ready and willing to open any doors closed along the way. For me, one door I discovered contained the memories and emotional and physical childhood trauma.

My healing journey included psychotherapy, massage, cranial sacral therapy, Rolfing, acupuncture and Heart Centered Therapy. It also led me to becoming a certified Holistic Coach.

Upon moving to Colorado, I knew there was another occupation waiting for me, but more importantly was continuing to heal all parts of me.  Fortunately, I was able to dedicate the time necessary for this.

In 2011, a friend suggested that I try Body Stress Release. I didn’t have any physical pain, but tried it anyway. After 6 sessions and discovering and feeling the unlocking of old trauma in my body, I decided to investigate becoming a BSR practitioner.

So far, my most powerful BSR experience has been the unmasking and healing of trauma from a car wreck in 1970. I was amazed to discover this had been stored in my cellular memory waiting to be brought to the surface. I knew I was re-experiencing the car wreck because I had the same physical feelings as I had experienced after the accident.  In addition, I had a dream with the same 1967 Camaro convertible that I rolled in the 1970 accident the first night the unmasking process began.

After graduating from the Body Stress Release Academy in 2012, I opened up my practice in Boulder, Colorado.  My clients continue to expand my knowledge of BSR and all that it can do to this day.  Below is the photo of the Body Stress Release Class of 2012.

BSR Class of 2012Small