BSR  Brochure Vulva Face PageClick on this link  Vulva Pain and BSR  to download and print a brochure describing how Body Stress Release can provide relief for vulvodynia, vaginismus and vestibulodynia.  The pudental nerve is the motor nerve originating from the sacrum carrying signals to and from the urethra, genitals and the anal area.  Tight or painful muscles that originate in the middle and lower back also insert into the pelvic area and may exert pressure on these nerve pathways.  Tension /stress in any of these areas may result in a burning feeling, loss of sensation, numbness, tightness, a stabbing knife-like or aching pain.  Body Stress Release is effective in releasing this stored tension / stress providing relief and healing.

A snapshot of 44 women living with vulva pain:  Uterus, Ovaries

  • On average, the women had been living with vulva pain for 7 years.
  • 50% had been diagnosed with “provoked” vestibulodymia.
  • Their ages ranged from 19 to 74 years old.
  • Over 75% reported an improvement in their symptoms after 7 sessions of BSR (with a range of 2-19 BSR sessions).
  • Over 50% had injured their coccyx at some point in their life.
  • 50% were suffering with IBS and/or constipation.
  • 30% reported an injury to their lower back and coccyx.