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Healing naturally …  your body is invited to heal.  The wisdom of your body guides every step of BSR as I muscle test your body to see what it needs to unlock stored stress, tension or trauma.

Body Stress Release is a complementary health profession created to help assist the body to heal without force.

This gentle release process restores nerve communication activating the body’s self-healing systems. Schedule an appointment to help your body feel its best!

Why should I try Body Stress Release? 


Remember the time you were in an accident … received that hard hit during a sporting event … or fell on your tailbone? Remember when your heart was broken … or you felt betrayed or victimized? Remember that food that you ate, lotion you applied, or fumes you smelled that didn’t feel right? Look at all of the stress you are under every day at work … or with your family situation … or simply by living.

Each of these examples above are ways body stress or tension that can become “locked-in” shutting down communication to various parts of your body.

Your body is amazing! It knows exactly what to do and how to do it. Hasn’t every cut that you have had healed perfectly? The body knows how to heal itself.

33658625_xlImagine the nervous system of your body as a 4G-cell phone network with the nerves throughout your body acting as the cell towers sending and receiving signals to and from the brain.

Each of the examples above can disrupt or stop communication of the network and the brain can perceive that one or many of the cell towers have gone offline.

Body Stress Release very simply locates the areas of your body where the cell phone towers have gone offline and brings them back online re-establishing communication between your brain and those parts of your body.

9320656_lAs communication is re-established, your healing systems are activated just as when a cell phone which has been out of range comes back into an area of signal, there is a sudden download of voice messages and texts that have been waiting for service to be re-established so they can be received.

It doesn’t matter if the bodies cell phone towers have been shut off for minutes, hours, months, years or decades. Once communication has been re-established, the healing begins.

To read or download a brochure about Body Stress Release click here BSR Brochure.

aura photoThis aura photograph shows the healing effect of Body Stress Release on the body.  The image on the left shows a client before her session and the image on the right was taken after the session.  The green color represents healing energy in the body.  Pretty dramatic change as you can plainly see.

The body knows how to heal itself.  Body Stress Release helps restore your self-healing abilities.

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